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Here you can find information about the Shepherds Hill Allotments site. In the About Us section there is a brief description of the site and how it is managed. In the News section we post all newsletters, which are also emailed to tenants, usually on a monthly basis. If you want to look back at the archives for a particular news item, you can do it here. The Forum section is for discussions between tenants, and includes a ‘give and take’ topic where you can post information about items you’d like to give away or find things you are looking for. On the Diary page we list the opening times and dates for the Trading Shed and any upcoming site and local events. The Resources section has a wealth of important information, including details of the Site Committee, the Tenancy Agreement, site handbook and other guidance. Under the Trading Shed section you will find a comprehensive price list of all items stocked in the shed and details of opening times.

If you have any feedback on any aspect of this website, please get in touch at info@sheperdshillallotments.co.uk


Waiting List Closed

Demand for plots at Shepherds Hill far exceeds supply. We have a little over 200 plots and this year have allocated just 12. This figure is unlikely to change substantially over the next few years. Currently there are over 180 people on the waiting list, and it is with regret that we have had to close the waiting list. The situation will be reviewed every 6 months so please keep checking the website if you are interested in going on the waiting list in the future.

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