About Us

The Shepherds Hill Allotments Site was first laid out shortly after the first world war and lies on the southern flank of the swathe of playing fields and sports clubs known as Shepherds Cot, bordered to the west by Queen’s Wood. It occupies a 6-7 acre strip of the hillside, stretching from Montenotte Road, Crouch End, at one end up to Priory Gardens, Highgate, at the other, with our southern perimeter punctuated by the little park known as Shepherds Hill Gardens. It is one of the largest of Haringey council’s 27 allotment sites, comprising 214 plots, the large majority of which are half plots (five poles, or rods, each one comprising about 125 square metres).

The site is owned by LB Haringey but the day to day management of the site is undertaken by the Shepherds Hill Allotment Association. All allotment plot holders (tenants) are automatically members of the Association and as many plots have joint tenants the Association has in excess 270 members.

The Committee of the Association is elected annually at the AGM usually held in November. As well as managing the site on a day to day basis and liaising with the Council, the Committee are active in organizing activities on the site. There is a trading shed selling gardening materials, all profits going to the Association, an annual plant sale, working parties to undertake maintenance activities on the site and harvest Fair in the Autumn. The Committee meet monthly and the minutes of their meetings are published on this website. A newsletter is issued at least once a month to keep plot holders well informed.

The maintenance and wellbeing of the site is dependent on plot holders coming together to undertake work on the shared parts of the site.

The site is an oasis of peace and tranquillity a haven for inner-city wildlife with bees and chickens kept on the site too. Vehicle access is very limited and it is not bordered by any main roads. Were it not for the ubiquitous background roar of distant aeroplanes and the occasional passing emergency siren, one would never know one was standing near the heart of a big city at all.

SHAA is pleased to support the Harington Scheme, a local charity working with young people with learning disabilities.