Opening Hours

The Trading Shed is now open every Sunday 11.00 - 13.00

Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes ordered last year are ready for collection from the Trading Shed.
Seed potatoes available to buy in 1kg or 500g bags include;
Desiree, Pentland Crown, Anya, Charlotte, Lady Christl and Pink Fir Apple.
New seed also in stock. 

Trading Shed Annual Subscription
There is a £2.00 annual subscription to use the Trading Shed, due in January; this money goes towards running and maintenance costs. Subscription is per plot and you will be asked your plot number when you come in.
Manure Orders open until 3rd March
£3.60 per 40L bag
This is stable manure blended with spent mushroom compost, well-rotted and suitable for immediate use when planting and as a soil improver.
Order in the Trading Shed (where you also pay) or via email to;
If ordered via email, please pay in the Trading Shed. 
First delivery is 21st February and priority for this early order is going to tenants who have ordered manure and who can collect on the day of the delivery. This is simply to ease the burden on volunteers who help unload and on storage space. 
All orders will have been delivered by mid March. You will be notified via email with precise dates as they are confirmed.
Throughout the growing season we aim to always have some manure for sale in the Trading Shed.

Reducing Use of Plastic

This year the Trading Shed will be offering the choice of plastic or paper bags for items that are sold loose such as single fertilisers and compost activator. If you choose the paper option, storing your purchases somewhere dry will be important. We also encourage you to re-use the plastic bags that the Trading Shed does issue or of course bring in your own container. We will continue to buy in bulk where possible which then gives the option of selling smaller measures in compostable, re-usable, recycled containers.

We are in liaison with our main supplier to move to brands that use recycled plastic for packaging and/or plastic that can be recycled.

Bespoke orders

To order specific items such as specialist composts, incinerators, codling moth/plum moth/leek moth pheromone traps, posts, grit and tools, email for details and prices.


The Trading Shed is managed by the site committee with many additional volunteers. It is located in the yard at the Montenotte Road end of the site and sells a wide range of items at low prices including seeds, composts, manure, trugs, canes, fertilisers, soil improvers, netting, ground cover and fleece. Proceeds from sales support site activities.


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