Below are the varieties of seed potato you can order for delivery in February 2019. £3.50 per 2.5kg bag unless otherwise indicated.

Orders can only be made and paid for in the Trading Shed.

Order deadline Sunday 16th September. 

There will also be a limited range of seed potatoes to buy loose from the Trading Shed in 2019

1st earlies

Arran Pilot: white skin colour, very early, good flavour

Duke of York: yellow flesh, roasts well, tasty, old fashioned flavour

Epicure: High yielding with deep eyes. Floury and tasty. White skin

Foremost: russet skin, good scab resistance

Lady Christl: waxy yellow tubers, good scab resistance (3.75)

Homeguard: very early, good boiler, good scab resistance

Maris Bard: high yield, white skin

Organic Collen: high disease and pest resistance, white tuber, early potato (3.75)

Pentland Javelin: eelworm and scab resistant, good boiler

Red Duke of York: deep red, vigorous grower

Rocket: Boiling, salads and chipping.

Swift: very early

Winston: early, good drought resistance


2nd earlies

British Queen: good flavour

Catriona: blue/purple eye splashes

Estima: big yields of large yellow, waxy tubers

Kestral: blue eyes, good disease resistance

Marfona: high yielding, waxy baker, stores well

Maris Peer: popular, firm texture, lots of round white tubers.

Nadine: Good disease resistance, big crops that store well, white, waxy

Spunta: original Cyprus potato, good for salads, drought resistant (£3.75)

Wilja: High yield of uniform white tubers


Main crop

Cara: Red eyes with high yields, disease resistant

Desiree: popular red, vigorous, fairly waxy

King Edward: In spite of its ready availability commercially, still one of the best all-rounders

Keers Pink: tall robust plant, crops well over long season, fine grained, pink

Maris Piper: good chipper

Majestic: stores well

Picasso: massive yields, good keeper

Pentland Crown: robust, drought resistant, disease resistant

Sarpo Mira: high resistance to foliar blight (£3.75)

Record: good disease resistance, perfect for roasting & frying



Charlotte: reliable, high yielding, waxy light yellow tubers

Anya: A cross between Desiree and Pink Fir Apple (2kg net)

Pink Fir Apple: long, knobbly pink tubers (£3.75)

Nicola: yellow, waxy

International kidney: also known as ‘the Jersey Royals’ when grown in Jersey.

Jazzy: small waxy potato, nutty flavour, high yield (2kg net).



We take your feedback seriously!

Many thanks to tenants who alerted the Trading Shed to issues with two products; JAB Stable Manure and New Horizon peat free compost.  This information was relayed back to the manufacturer and we now have some feedback. The issue of small pieces of plastic found in some bags of the manure was the result of recycled green waste being inadvertently added to the mix. The manufacturer was less specific regards the issue with the New Horizon compost; some tenants experienced  seedlings and plants in pots simply not flourishing when grown in this compost. The fact that the manufacturer is working on a new formula suggests this was a known issue.

If you have still to report similar feedback please email the Trading Shed on the address below.

As part of the compensation, we will be getting free of charge,  bags of the reformulated New Horizon peat free compost. If you would like to reserve a bag to try and then provide feedback to the Trading Shed, send an email to;


 The Trading Shed is managed by the Site Committee with many additional volunteers. It is located in the yard at the Montenotte Road end of the site and sells a wide range of items at low prices including seeds, composts, manure, trugs, canes, fertilisers, soil improvers, netting, ground cover and fleece. Proceeds from sales support site activities.

Trading Shed current opening hours: Sundays 11.00 - 1.00

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