Site Inspection next week, CHADAHS AGM, Have you paid your rent?... and more!

Site Inspection Imminent
We have just heard that our site inspection is likely to take place next week. If your plot looks like this one, you have very little time to turn it around.

Remember, if you get a non-compliance notice, Haringey has a '2 strikes from 3 consecutive inspections and you're out' rule. If you're already sitting on a non-compliance notice (and you know who you are), please ensure your plot is in good order before Wednesday. At least make it look like you've made a good start.

There's also a notice from Haringey on the Montenotte Gate to ask everyone to make sure their plot number is clearly visible on their plot. If you haven't got one of the old signs just paint your number on your shed door or your compost bins or whereever - just make sure it's clear. We're pretty sure that if you don't, that also constitutes non-compliance...

And a reminder that bonfires are not allowed from now until the autumn. We think having a bonfire between April and September may also constitute non-compliance...

Chadahs AGM
Please take this as official notice of the CHADAHS AGM. It's on Monday April 25th at 7.45 pm at the Moravian Church Hall, Priory Road N8 7HR.

"The AGM is open to everyone, it’s a great opportunity to meet other plot holders and be part of your thriving allotment society. We will also be electing a new Secretary and a second Show Secretary.
For more information on these roles please visit:
If you would like to stand for one of the posts please contact Jill Pack, the Chair:

Non payment of rent
Apparently 40 SH plotholders have not yet paid their rent and Haringey tells us that eviction notice warnings will be sent this month. If you haven't yet paid please sort it out. If you haven't had an invoice please contact or attempt to get through on 020 8489 1000. Please do let us know if you are having trouble paying.

Next site committee meeting
Our next committee meeting is on Tuesday 12th April. If there's anything you'd like to raise please email the committee at

The Site Committee

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