A few important reminders of tenancy agreement rules and protocol

Watering-  Although it was mentioned in the last newsletter, and despite the fact that hose pipe use is outlined in the plot protocol, there are still one or two tenants who think its OK to leave a hose pipe on for hours- even overnight. It is not!  ( the photo above is not a photo of the guilty party )

Number your plots!  Failure numbered with numbers clearly visible from the path. Failure to do this will result in an NCN

Borders and paths
As a tenant you are responsible for maintaining and keeping clear the paths around your plot. Please make sure that you trim back overhanging branches and bushes so that others may use the paths safely.
Someone last weekend had their ear gashed by a blackberry stem swinging across as they passed by.   

Forbidden fruit. Picking fruit from trees and bushes which belong to others - even though its on the path side- is not allowed.

Using the common spaces for storage
Please dont leave your piles of planks, stone, bricks etc anywhere you are blocking access to the site and certainly for no longer than a few days and mark it with a note

Key holders and Tenant responsibilities.
Can we remind you that it is a condition of the tenancy that only the plot holder should have a key to the Site. And the plot holder should be the prime cultivator of the plot.

OK! End of the gripes! Now for the rest...

Up coming AGM.  At the AGM in November and we're looking to increase the numbers on the committee so would urge you to think about putting yourselves forward. We'll be putting out more details nearer the time. But please getting thinking about it and do chat to those on the committee this year about what it involves and how much fun it is!

October plant and seed swap.  Sunday 15th October
Following last year's successful event we thought we'd do it again. No money changes hands and it happens in front of the trading shed during opening hours 11-1.
Could people please bring their labelled offerings between 11 and 11.30 and then people can 'take' from 11.30.
There'll be free teas and coffees too.

The Plant Sale in May made a record £1215 thanks to all the helpers on the day and the magnificent produce.

A good home for your excess produce.  Gary has started his stall at Ally Pally Farmers Market in aid of the Harrington Scheme ( reg charity no.279376) and he'll gladly accept donations of excess produce- veg, fruit or flowers to sell in support of this great local cause. Please bring contributions to his plot, 108b, on Friday or Saturday or call him on 07899022455 to arrange collection.

And a Party!  That same Gary is holding a 'not-the-annual-show' Pot Luck Party at his plot in September. Details on posters and fliers nearer the time. He's keen for people to know it's not the usual BBQ- its something a bit different.
Site Committee July 2017

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