Dear Allotment Holders
1) Huge Thank You to all who donated delicious- really delicious- food, flowers and produce to, and helped set up, the Harvest Fair. Fun despite the weather!

2)The Seed and Plant Swap, however, we decided to move to this Sunday- such was the demand for Gazebo space.

So we'll be swapping seed and plants ( bring them along if you haven't already) just outside the trading shed this Sunday, 30th September between 11 and 1.

3) Help the Pollinators. At this time of year, many pollinators including honey bees, bumble bees and butterflies rely on ivy flowers for pollen and nectar.

Please wait until after flowering has finished before cutting ivy back.

4) Found - partially filled petrol can. Can be collected from the trading shed during opening hours.

5) And reminder, again, that when preparing your bonfires on your plots for a fire from Oct 1st, you ONLY burn dry natural material and you NEVER burn synthetic materials such as plastics, including bags, or rubber eg rubber tyres, nor pressure treated wood


The Site Committee: Annie, Ian, Trevor, Julie, Juliet, Gary, Julia, Esther and Lynn

15:48, 26 Sep 2018 by Website Admin