Next Sunday, 17th February, is Potato Sunday.
11.00-13.00 in the Trading Shed, at the Montenotte Road end of the site.
Come and collect the seed potatoes you ordered in the Autumn.
Also to buy in 1kg packs will be; Desiree, Charlotte, Lady Christl, Anja, Pentland Crown, Pink Fir Apple, Red Duke of York and Spunta. Some varieties are limited so come early to avoid disappointment.
Onion sets, shallots and the new seed order all in stock.
Hot refreshments will also be available.
Do you know your plot number? The £2 sub. to use the Trading Shed is per plot, so we will ask for your plot number when you pay the sub. If you aren’t sure, please check before coming in.
Reducing the use of plastic. This year the Trading Shed will be offering a choice of plastic or paper bags for items that are sold loose such as single fertilisers and compost activator. We also encourage you to re-use the plastic bags from the Trading Shed or even better bring in your own containers.   
We are in liaison with our main supplier to move to brands that use recycled plastic for packaging and/or plastic that can be recycled.
All Trading Shed news is posted regularly on the site website.  https://www.shepherdshillallotments.co.uk/trading-shed/

Julie, Annie, Trevor, Julia, Juliet, Gary, Jill, Ian, Lynn (co-opted - Trading Shed Manager) and Nick (co-opted - Treasurer).
The Site Committee, February 2019

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