A reminder about paths, hedges, etc.
Please ensure you keep the paths around your plot clear of brambles, bindweed, etc.  At this time of year it’s easy for paths to become overgrown very quickly so do keep a regular eye on them.  Also, we’re expecting another site inspection from Haringey's Allotment Officer in September so please make sure your plot is clearly numbered.
Watering guidance
Although watering might not be uppermost on everyone’s minds this week with the rain we’ve been having, summer is a good time to give a reminder about the watering guidelines on our website. The key points are:

  • Ideally water plants early in the morning, to avoid evaporation loss during the day. On warm summer days, evening watering is also likely to be effective, the dry soil soaking it in readily and low humidity at night reducing risk of disease.
  • To determine the need for watering, inspect the soil at a spade's depth. If the soil feels damp, there is unlikely to be any need to water, but if it is dry, then watering is probably required for some plants.
  • Most watering should be aimed specifically at the stem bases beneath the foliage canopy, leaving the surrounding soil dry. This helps to limit weed problems and ensures all the water goes where it is needed.
  • Mulching with a layer of organic matter or gravel at least 5cm (2in) thick, or using opaque mulching sheets, reduces moisture loss from the upper layers of the soil. This may amount to as much as the equivalent of 2cm (0.75in) of rain
  • Removing weeds is vital, as weeds use up valuable soil moisture reserve.

You can read the full RHS watering advice here.

Urgently needed: Volunteers for the trading shed
We are still looking for people to volunteer to take on the work Julia and Lynn have done for many years, otherwise the brilliant Trading Shed services we all benefit from will be at risk.  It may be that current roles can be re-jigged and shared so if you think you could be interested in contributing to the running of the Shed please do get in touch, either by emailing or by talking to the one of the volunteers in the trading shed on Sunday mornings.
A date for your diaries: Site working party Sunday 11th August 11.00 – 1.00pm
Please come along and help with clearing the upper part of Plot 15, in preparation for turning this into a community space for all.  Refreshments provided.
Calling all builders….
If you have building expertise and are available to talk through some ideas with Ian about the initial ground work needed for the new building on Plot 15 please get in touch with Ian Potts.

Sean at 9A is missing a BBQ from his plot.  Please email if you come across a stray BBQ.
Strimmer and mower available
Garry has a petrol strimmer which was working last year but hasn't been started up this year and a hand mower of the old sort, you push and the wheels go round so it cuts. Any takers get in touch with Garry Plot 102A. 

Lastly, is there anyone out there who could have a look at our generator which needs a bit of attention?  If so please email

Julie, Annie, Trevor, Julia, Juliet, Gary, Jill, Ian, Lynn (co-opted - Trading Shed Manager) and Nick (co-opted - Treasurer).
The Site Committee, August 2019

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