First of all, our thanks to everyone for following the COVID19 guidance we put in the last newsletter and on the gates, and for helping to keep the allotment open and safe for all tenants.  The allotment has certainly become a haven in these difficult times.
A special thanks to Annie, who has worked so hard to make it possible for tenants to continue to buy goods from the trading shed.  Some stock is running low; there is no more manure or compost, but there are seeds, canes, netting, etc. so if there is a specific item you need email info@shepherdshillallotments.co.uk and Annie will be in touch with you.
Places you might try if you are in search of compost etc. are Hornsey Pet and Garden Shop (who will deliver locally), B&Q, Wilko and Wickes.
Our annual May plant sale is cancelled, but depending on government restrictions we hope to perhaps have some sort of allotment sale later in the year to raise funds and make produce available.
Please remember, as stated in the tenants handbook, to keep noise pollution to a minimum. DO NOT use power tools after 1pm on the weekend or a bank holiday. 
When entering the site you must lock the gate immediately after you.  We had an incident this week where the gates were left open whilst material was dropped off at a plot and a member of the public wandered onto the site and could easily have been locked in.
Finally, another reminder about not dumping rubbish anywhere on the site at any time ever.

Help needed
We need a volunteer to take on looking after the water supply on the site.  This involves turning on and off the water each season, and sorting out any supply problems as and when they arise.  If you think you could help please email info@shepherdshillallotments.co.uk 

Water leak
We are aware of a leak at the trough between plots 80b & 95.  Ian has been investigating this and has discovered that the pipe is rotten where it joins the stop tap, which means replacing the whole section.  We are looking into the best way to proceed, but in the meantime we've covered the hole with planks so please be careful when walking down this section of path.

Stay safe everyone.
Julie, Annie, Trevor, Juliet, Gary, Jill, Ian, and Nick (co-opted - Treasurer). 
The Site Committee, April, 2020
17:40, 22 Apr 2020 by Website Admin