Trading Shed
The trading shed is now closed until Sunday January 10th. In the event of there being in a third lockdown in January Annie and LIz are happy to take orders after 10th January and arrange to meet individuals at the Trading Shed. 
Many apologies for an error in the pricing of seaweed extract – since earlier in the year it has been priced at £8.50/litre instead of £5.80.  We propose to donate the over-charge to the Barn fundraising pot, or you can visit the trading shed for a refund.
The trading shed is planning to move to contactless and card payments in 2021 (but will still take cash). We'd like to have a dedicated trading shed phone for this purpose – if you have an old phone you are no longer using and are able to donate, please let us know on  The card reader is compatible with phones that run Apple iOS 10 and higher or Android 5.0 and higher.  
A message from Jo Sheehan
Thank you to everyone who has donated food, clothes and toiletries . I had an overwhelming response. The food has been taken to the foodbank, which as you can imagine is busy. The clothes I have sorted and the children’s clothes have gone to a school where the family liaison worker will distribute. Adult clothes have been taken to families in need via the foodbank and also to the hostel in Muswell Hill. We are making up bags of toiletries for Christmas and they will be collected at the foodbank next week and given out over Christmas. I’ll continue to do this. January is often a hard month for families in need. So if you would like to donate, please leave (non-perishable) items in Shed 16. Thank you for your kindness and let’s hope we all have a better New Year.
And finally, seasons greetings from all of us.  Stay safe, stay warm and here’s to happy growing times on the allotment in 2021.
Jill, Juliet, Julie, Ian, Garry, Stephen, Amy, Trevor, Jo, Annie 
The allotment committee, December 2020
The Site Committee, December, 2020

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